The Beast

The Beast

Deadlift World Record Holder

I am the World’s Strongest Man. The number one. I can lift cars, pull planes, throw beer barrels. I am the only person ever to deadlift half a tonne. That’s right – 500kg!

I have dedicated my life to reach the pinnacle. I’ve lifted weights so heavy that I’ve woken up in pools of blood. My eyes have almost burst from my head. It sounds like madness, but it’s not. It’s a man seeking to be the very best he can be.

Muhammad Ali talked about dark waters and being willing to drown to be the best, and that’s what every champion has to do. I’m no different. That willingness to battle, and then battle some more, is what separates me from the rest.

Today, I sit on top of the world. But the journey there has been a long one. Starting out as a championship swimmer, I spent years as a truck mechanic, all the time formulating my dream in my head. I wanted to achieve, to test myself, to take myself to the ultimate, and beyond, in my chosen endeavour.

The result has been an incredible journey, one that has taken me across the globe, and allowed me to meet some amazing people. I’ve broken world records in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger and become a familiar face to millions of others. I have gone from being a truck mechanic to a superstar – and, as a showman, I love it! I love being on that stage, being Eddie Hall, the strongman. But I also love slipping back into normality and spending time with my beautiful family.

People now talk of me as an inspiration, and I hope my story will help others see what can be achieved through dedication and hard work.

In the meantime, I’ll keep working - and lifting. I am the World’s Strongest Man and it’ll be a big man who takes that off me! Forget pulling trucks, it’s me who’s the juggernaut!


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