Sponsors of Eddie Hall

I have chosen to work closely with several major organisations, all of which contribute to my position as a champion strongman.

BooHoo MAN

Being my size I've always struggled with clothing my entire career and when boohooMAN opened their doors to me I couldn’t believe my luck.

They’re one of the biggest clothing lines in the UK offering designer clothing at the best prices, also grab my own BEAST apparel available from Small to 5XL whilst you look around.

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BooHoo MAN


"Training to become the world's strongest man incorporated a lot of hard training and a lot of hard eating. I ate a good balanced diet including lots of dairy and over the years found more and more ways of bettering myself including food tolerance tests.... my first one being the beginning of 2016 and one marker that came back was my inability to digest lactose. I quickly realised the effects this was having on my body and my gut health and noticed a difference almost straight away when I removed lactose from my diet. I felt less bloated and was able to eat more often which made a massive difference to gaining weight and power which is my main goal. I cut down on a lot of dairy products initially which made a difference to my body BUT I missed dairy in my diet and needed the extra protein, calcium and nutrients it provides, so I quickly started to use lactose free products such as Arla Lactofree milk drinks and yoghurts to suppress my cravings and I have to say it changed my life for the better, very thankful."

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Blakeman's Sausages

In my job, I need lots of protein from the highest quality products. Blakeman Sausages fit the bill perfectly. Believe me, I have eaten a lot of sausages and theirs are second to none. When Blakeman’s opened their new £1.35 million production facility, I had the privilege of pulling the first production load from the premises – strapped to an HGV!

See more - www.blakemans.co.uk

Blakemans Sausages

Pulse Fitness

I am so happy to be head ambassador of Pulse Fitness who provide the gym and fitness industry with everything in the form of top quality products from treadmills to dumbbells. Pulse have fitted out my home gym, allowing me to take my training to the next level with kit that can take the weight and strain of one of the strongest men in the world in style. Pulse have always stood out to me as a brand with longevity and quality - joining them was simply a no brainer!

See more - www.thepulsegroup.co.uk

Pulse Fitness
Eddie Hall 500kg World Record Deadlift