I have chosen to work closely with several major organisations, all of which contribute to my position as a champion strongman.

Working with Protein Dynamix was vital in preparing me for World’s Strongest Man success. Diet is everything for a strongman and together, myself and the Protein Dynamix team developed my own tailor-made supercharged supplement range, the Eddie Hall Signature Series. The results were incredible. Protein Dynamix have been integral to my success.
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My clothing gets as testing a workout as the rest of me. I need clothing specifically designed to last through the rigorous demands of strongman training. More than that, I wanted clothing that reflected my mindset, my positive attitude. Xplosive Ape get me and my needs. They should be the number one call not only for anyone who enjoys bodybuilding and strongman, but athletes of all kinds.
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MUHDO is a next generation health, fitness and well-being ecosystem, all delivered on a unique, trailblazing technology platform. By sampling my DNA they were able to detect not only which of my genetic gifts I have exploited to the max, but crucially understand the weaker points I have overcome through years of hard work and determination. Using MUHDO’s Muscle Builder has allowed me to unlock my genetic potential.
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In my job, I need lots of protein from the highest quality products. Blakeman Sausages fit the bill perfectly. Believe me, I have eaten a lot of sausages and theirs are second to none. When Blakeman’s opened their new £1.35million production facility, I had the privilege of pulling the first production load from the premises – strapped to an HGV!
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Know about CBD Asylum? You should do. They’re the people behind an amazing oil that many are finding is providing a great boost to health, fitness, and recovery – including me. In my game, maintaining peak fitness is a constant challenge. I need a complete package of foods and supplements that work for me. Asylum CBD is another major step in maintaining exactly where I want to be, need to be, in terms of the strength and fitness that is so vital to my daily business.
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Lifting weights requires specialist sportswear and equipment you can trust. SBD Apparel has a fantastic reputation among international athletes in strength and fitness sports and I am delighted to be able to work with them. Be it knee wraps, elbow sleeves, deadlift socks, or any other of their fantastic products, manufactured in the United Kingdom, I can safely say they have helped me tremendously in reaching the top.
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I am so happy to be head ambassador of Pulse Fitness who provide the gym and fitness industry with everything in the form of top quality products from treadmills to dumbbells. Pulse have fitted out my home gym, allowing me to take my training to the next level with kit that can take the weight and strain of one of the strongest men in the world in style. Pulse have always stood out to me as a brand with longevity and quality - joining them was simply a no brainer!
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