CHRISTMAS is about to hit us. A time when anyone concerned with fitness might naturally worry about giving in to temptation and ruining a long-term training regime with an overdose of calories.
Hard to avoid the avalanche of food – but actually why would you want to? Christmas is a feast. I’ve certainly weighed into the turkey(s) and trimmings down the years and, despite being in serious preparation for my epic fight against my arch-rival Thor in spring, I don’t see this year as being any different.
Thing is, it’s often good to step back from intense training and get a mental refresh. It’s all too easy to become so immersed in something that it comes to dominate your every minute, your every decision. Truth is, you can very easily do too much. You can become so full-on that it’s actually not to your benefit in the end.
No-one knows this better than me. If there’s one thing training for strongman events taught me, it’s that there comes a point where you’re simply not going to get any stronger. Much more important to maintain a peak and then, just prior to the competition, taper off and take a step back.
Doing that routinely, taking that step back, resets yourself, which in itself means a much sharper approach. Overtrain, on the other hand, and all you will feel is mentally and physically weary.
That doesn’t mean I’ll be caning the Quality Street or throwing cans of beer down my neck. But it does mean that I’ll enjoy my Christmas dinner, maybe even a pudding, without beating myself up. The only person I want to be punching is Thor in a few weeks time!
I suggest anyone who enjoys fitness does the same – not punch Thor, I mean take a laidback approach to the festivities. There’s a saying about all work and no play and it’s true. When I get up on Christmas morning, I’ll be doing myself a favour and chilling out with my family. No better way to bring a bit of perspective into my life than to spend some magical time with them.

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