12 Oct 17 | Keep on keeping on

When you’re an elite strongman, just like any other sportsman right at the top of their trade, you can’t afford to take your eye off your training for a minute.

You also know you have a responsibility to your fans to give it your very best every time you go out and perform.

Sometimes that can be difficult. I had a show recently, the Giants Live World Championships, in Manchester, where I was really struggling. I’d had flu all week and it made it hard to say the least. I had the willpower to compete – I always do - but my body couldn’t handle it and in the end I had to pull out. Catching a cold when you’re working in an office is bad enough, suffering from one where you’re meant to be pushing your body to the limits in an elite event is pretty much impossible.

I’ll be hoping to avoid the germs before my next big event, Britain’s Strongest Man in Sheffield in January. I plan on winning that title again and for me the preparation has already started. Four months might sound a long time, but it’s nothing when it comes to the lead into a major competition. I’ll need every minute of it.

I take every show I do seriously. Take your eye off the ball, stop putting the work in, the concentration on eating properly, and resting when possible, and it soon begins to show. Not just that, but you have also to be mentally strong. Start taking the short cuts and something, very possibly physically, will go wrong.

I’ve worked hard to get to where I am, and I have no intention of letting it all go now.


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Keep on keeping on
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