01 Jan 19 | I'm a Guinness Book of Records breaker!

Happy New Year! And what a year it’s been! So many highlights, so many massive moments, so many times when I’ve had to give myself a pinch and think, ‘Is this really all happening?’

One event made me feel like that more than any other – and I think it was because it took me back to being a kid. Back then, I loved the Guinness Book of Records with all its weird and wonderful feats – especially the weightlifting ones. As a kid, it’s one of those things that seem so far distant from yourself – all these people who have achieved such amazing things.

But then I got into strongman and suddenly the pages of that book didn’t seem quite so far away. The Guinness Book of Records is basically ‘biggest, fastest, strongest’, and I was certainly getting pretty close to the top in the last of those categories.

This year I can walk into any high street book store and know I feature heavily in two books on the shelves. One is my autobiography (of course) and the other is – yes, you guessed it – the Guinness Book of Records - due to my - some said impossible - 500kg deadlift.
There I am in all my glory, veins straining, eyes bulging, and I can’t help wonder now If there isn’t another kid out there looking at my weightlifting record as I used to look at others. Maybe they’ll use it as the springboard for their own tilt at greatness. I certainly hope so. That would make me prouder than anything.

Remember also that it’s the final of World’s Strongest Man on Channel 5 tonight (5.50pm), and I’ll be there presenting instead of competing this time.

Tune in – it’s as remarkable a spectacle as it ever was. You’ll love it – and I’m hoping you’ll love me with a mic in my hand too!

Have a fantastic 2019 and speak soon – Eddie!

I'm a Guinness Book of Records breaker!
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