12 Dec 17 | Riding in a McLaren F650 in Dubai

Just back from Dubai, and wow what a place. Well worth the flight – I went business class because if I sit in regular they try to charge me for two seats!

I was out there for the Dubai Muscle Show, a chance for bodybuilders, strongmen, in fact anyone who’s into fitness to get together, meet a few well-known faces, and check out the latest fitness products.

I held an interactive strength training seminar, demonstrating lifting techniques and revealing how I achieved my world record half ton deadlift.

I had a whale of a time and met so, so many people. No kidding, I must have shook 10,000 hands. Strongman is massive out there, like it is across the globe. I couldn’t go anywhere without there being people around me.

The police were great and treated me and my manager Mo incredibly well. It’s Dubai, and so they don’t hold back when it comes to the police cars. They gave me a transfer from the hotel one day in a McLaren Mclaren F650. And yes, I could fit in it! Just. It was an amazing experience – gull wing doors, mad acceleration. You don’t see police cars like that in Stoke-on-Trent!

It was a full-on weekend. Everywhere you turned there was something going on, someone to see. I loved it and it’s somewhere I’d love to get back to again. This is the reach that strongman has – everywhere you go, people just love it.

When I got back home, next day I just needed to chill out a bit. I spent a bit time in the gym but sometimes you just need to relax, to take in everything that’s happened in the past few days. This was one of those times!

Dubai – I’ll be back.

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Riding in a McLaren F650 in Dubai
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